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Ask the Square Dance Guru - Who has time for a journal?
July 14th, 2018
02:06 pm


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Ask the Square Dance Guru
Well, my personal Stanford website is gone, the copy at Dosado.com is gone, and Comcast no longer has personal web pages, so I guess this is the right place for the Square Dance Guru web page.  It's too big for LJ, so (until I break it into separate and comment-friendly posts) here's the index, and the links should go to my Dreamwidth post:

Ask the Square Dance Guru

The Square Dance Guru (aka Stewart Kramer) will answer your most probing questions about square dancing.  Permission is granted to freely distribute the wisdom of The Guru, but impersonators will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the low.

Unsure? Confused? Squarebroken? If the hissy fits, send email to: zipperbear@gmail.com, and all will be explained. (Note: The old address at forsythe.stanford.edu is scheduled to stop working at the end of 2003.  Please use the new address instead!) [2018: All of my addresses at stanford.edu have stopped working.]


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